Does Diamond Fluorescence Matter?

Generally, the more fluorescent a diamond is, the less it’s worth. As fluorescence is seen as a defect. However, the effect of fluorescence in a diamond cannot be seen without black light. Therefore, a diamond with a high ability to fluorescent will look almost identical to a diamond that does not produce this effect at all. Therefore, it is wise to bring a small, black light flashlight with you while you’re diamond hunting.

What Does Fluorescence Under A Black Light Look Like?

If a diamond is fluorescent to some degree, there will be a soft glow emitted from it when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. Not all diamonds have the ability to produce this glow. In fact, the amount of diamonds that are fluorescent at all is around 30%. A small fraction of that thirty percent produce a high degree of fluorescence.

What Color Is The Fluorescence?

While some perceive the fluorescence from a diamond to be white, it is actually blue. While fluorescence is blue, it can make a diamond appear to be whiter when it is not under ultra violet light.

Diamond Fluorescence Chart

It will not reach the level of one grade lighter until it is at least grad I-M or higher on the fluorescence scale.

Will I Jeweler Sell You A Fluorescent Diamond At A Discount?

Most dealers automatically mark the price of a diamond down upon learning of its fluorescence. Since jewelers know most customers cannot tell, some do not do this. It’s important to test the diamond with a small, black light while you’re in the store for this reason. If a jeweler does mark the price of the diamond down, it will not be by more than 15%.

Some appreciate the added whiteness given off by strongly fluorescent diamonds. So jewelers can sometimes sell them at a premium, rather than a discount. Plus, there are those who think the glowing effect of a fluorescent diamond is cool. Its glowing effect can be especially useful if the diamond is lost. An ultraviolet flashlight is all you’ll need to find it.

Be Careful When Picking Out A Diamond That Is Strongly Florescent

Diamond ring with a strong fluorescent diamondA diamond that is extremely florescent, which is incredibly rare, is not an added bonus. It will not make the diamond appear to be whiter. In fact, diamonds that have a super-high degree of florescent are usually lacking in body color. That’s why the blue light is able to illuminate so boldly.

If you’re not in the market of buying and selling diamonds, fluorescence should not be of much concern to you. Those who are just trying to purchase an engagement ring should understand that most brides never even think of these factors when inspecting their ring. In fact, a little bit of fluorescence is a great way to get a discount on a diamond that is at an almost perfect quality.

Almost all jewelers know the fluorescence of each diamond in their shop, whether they advertise it or not. Most of them do not feel it’s an important enough factor to tell you while trying to sell. If they don’t care about it, you probably shouldn’t either.

There Are Loads Of Other Factors That Are More Important

While diamond fluorescence can effect the worth of a piece of jewelry, either negatively or positively, it’s not the most important thing to consider. Usually, the most important factor that goes into a diamonds worth is its size. A giant fluorescent diamond would still be worth hundreds of thousands.