Choosing The Right Diamond Cut the Clever Way

When you buy diamonds, you need to think about more than the size of the stone. You will also need to consider the diamond cut. A cut is the style or design that a diamond is cut into.

A cut can have a big impact on the way a diamond looks. Certain cuts are designed for maximum sparkle, while other cuts are designed to look more elegant.

Whether you’re buying a diamond ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings, you will want to pay close attention to the cut of a diamond. You will want to make sure that the cut used on the diamond appeals to the person that is going to be wearing the diamond. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the diamond has been cut well.

Choosing The Right Diamond Cut

There are many types of diamond cuts. While the classic round cut is probably the most well known, it is just one of many styles. The princess cut, which is square in appearance, is a very popular style. People also like the rectangle cut, the marquis cut, and the emerald cut.


Some jewelers have their own cuts that they have created themselves. For example, if you buy a diamond from the famous Tiffany’s, you’ll be able to get a stone with the Tiffany cut.

The best cut largely comes down to personal taste. If you are buying a diamond for someone else, it’s a good idea to take them with you when you go out to look at diamonds. That way, you will be able to ask them for their personal opinion on the diamonds you are looking at. Find the cuts that they prefer.

Ensuring A Quality Cut

Two diamonds could be cut in the same style, but that doesn’t mean that they will look the same way. The quality of the diamond cut really matters. The Diamond Cut 101 Website has done super research on this topic as well!

Skilled jewelers know exactly how a diamond should be cut. They will be able to cut the stone in a way that maximizes the brilliance of the diamond. These diamond cutters have to consider a lot of different factors. For example, they have to think about the shape and size of the stone they are working with. They also have to find the style that will best suit this diamond.

When you look at diamonds, you will be able to obtain additional information about the quality of a cut. If possible, you should choose a diamond with a high quality cut. Even if a diamond like this is small in size, it will have a lot of sparkle.

Buying From The Right Jeweler

Inside Jewelry StoreAt the end of the day, the best way to get a well-cut diamond is to buy your stone from a well-respected jeweler. The right jeweler will be able to give you a lot of good advice. They will also be able to explain what sets certain stones apart from others.

You don’t have to go to a jeweler store in order to work with a great jeweler. There are a lot of excellent jewelers that run online shops. What’s important is that you find a jeweler that is willing to communicate with you. The more information a jeweler can give you, the better.

Where Should Your Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds come from a number of places. If you are interested in purchasing a stone with an excellent cut, you may want to look into obtaining a diamond from India.

India is the location of the world’s finest diamond cutters. They produce a great deal of diamond jewelry. As a matter of fact, diamonds are one of India’s biggest exports.

Take a look at some diamonds that have come out of India. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of plenty of beautifully cut stone.

Setting A Budget

It goes without saying that a diamond with a great cut is going to cost a lot more than a diamond with a poor quality cut. However, as mentioned above, a great cut is definitely something that is worth paying more.

Figure out how much you are willing to spend on your diamonds. From there, you can work to find the best-looking stones that are in your price range. You’ll probably wind up seeing a lot of amazing-looking diamonds.

Have you ever heard the saying “diamond in the rough?” People use this phrase because a diamond that has not been cut looks fairly unremarkable. It is only after it has been cut that a diamond can sparkle and shine.

Diamonds might not be much to look at when they are in their rough state, but with the right cut, a diamond can be breathtaking. If you have an interest in diamonds, you should definitely look for stones that have a great cut.

Understanding Diamond Cuts

Diamonds are rated by three main metrics – the cut, clarity and carats. The cut is the shape and look of the diamond. The clarity is a measure of how clear and shiny it is, and the carat is a measure of size and weight. The clarity is not really something that can be changed – it depends on how the diamond is formed – but a large, rough, uncut diamond can be cut down and polished by a skilled diamond cutter to make it into a beautiful stone.

It’s a good idea to buy the nicest cut that you can afford within your budget, because cut is perhaps the most important thing for determining how a diamond looks. A diamond that is cut well will shine and sparkle brightly and catch the eye well. A bad cut will make the stone look cheap.

What the cut does

The cut is what determines how the diamond sparkles – a good cut will be ‘brilliant’, it will reflect light internally, bouncing it from one facet to another, with each acting like a mirror that directs the light through the diamond’s crown. If the diamond is cut too shallow, then it will lose light out of the bottom, making it look dull. If it is cut too deeply, or to narrow, then the light will escape through the sides. Neither of those is ideal.

There are a few different grades of cut – the best cuts are “ideal” – these are the most brilliant cuts, and they are quite expensive, but worth paying for if you can afford it. The next best is ‘excellent’ – these exquisite diamonds reflect almost all light through the top, and they still look exceptionally good.

Cheaper, but still good, is the ‘very good’ cut – for whatever reason (problems with the shape of the stone, or mistakes made by the cutter), these diamonds don’t reflect all light through the top, but they still have a good degree of brilliance. Diamonds with a ‘good’ cut are bright, but the flaws are apparent. The lowest tiers – fair and poor – have been cut imperfectly, and lose a lot of light. It would be unusual for someone to opt to use those in jewelry.

Diamond Shapes

The cut is just one part of what makes a diamond special – there are a few different shapes that are popular with diamonds as well. The most common shapes are round, princess, asscher, emerald, radiand, heart, cushion, marquise, oval and pear.

Most common shapes

Most people will be familiar with the round diamond. A round, brilliant cut diamond is something that is incredibly popular, and that diamond cutters have invested around 100 years of research into finding the perfect, most brilliant way to cut such a diamond to ensure that it produces the maximum amount of shine and light reflection. This is the kind of diamond that you are most likely to want in jewelry. Usually, when this diamond is cut, it will have 33 facets in the top (crown) and 25 in the bottom (pavilion). The proportions between each facet, and the way they are aligned, is what will determine whether the cut is brilliant or not. The ideal is something that is hard to achieve.

Princess cut diamonds are popular for engagement rings – this is usually a square diamond, but it can be made rectangular as well. If you are thinking of getting this kind of diamond, note that colors are very noticeable where the facets meet – so you should pick a diamond of a good color grade, and a good cut grade as well.

The emerald cut is a popular choice with people who are looking for something a little different to the traditional. It is a cut that has a large open table on the crown – and this helps to create a few broad flashes of brilliance, rather than the ‘sparkle’ of the more traditional cuts. The downside to this cut is that any flaws and inclusions are more noticeable, so you really do need to pick a very high quality cut, and something with a good grade of color and clarity.

The more unusual marquis and oval cuts, and the other more ornate cuts, are better in terms of error tolerance, but they still look best when they are cut well, clear, and have a good color grade. As a general rule of thumb, prioritise cut and clarity, then look at color and finally carat – a smaller but very high quality stone will invariably be more satisfying and more impressive looking than a big but dull or imperfect stone, so it does not pay to cut corners with the quality of your diamond – especially not if you plan to use it to make some heirloom jewelry.

K colored diamond in the middle

How To Know Which Diamond Color Grade To Choose?

There are four attributes that contribute to setting the value of a diamond. Also known as the 4Cs, these attributes are the cut, the color, the clarity and the carat weight. Each of them can be evaluated on a special scale and they all contribute to the end price of a stone. This article is going to show you how to choose your diamond color grade in order to get the best stone for your money.

The color range

From the color point of view, diamonds can range from colorless to light. Each of these ranges have several grades, ranging from D to Z. D is the perfectly colorless diamond you can possibly find. This makes it very rare, hence extremely expensive.

You are going to need a lot of money to be able to buy a colorless diamond, especially if you care about the other attributes as well. A D diamond which is also free from impurities is going to cost you an unimaginable amount of money, so you should be really rich to start looking for such stones.

Some common examples of diamond color

Nonetheless, you may be able to realize this even from the incipient stage of your research work, so you won’t spend too much time searching for things you can’t afford.

This D to Z color scale is widely accepted by the diamonds industry, so you can safely use it as a reference in your search. Evaluating the diamond color is something laymen can’t easily do. Only the trained eye of an expert can spot the difference in color between two diamonds of close grades.

What are the differences between the color grades?

You may stare at an F and a G or a J all day long ans still believe they are similar. Nonetheless, an expert would examine these stones under the magnifying glass, being able to see these tiny differences that have such huge implications for the end price of a diamond.

If you think to buy diamonds as an investment, you should take great care about such details, as they can be extremely important by the time you are going to want to sell some of your diamonds for cash. If you make a mistake in the purchasing process, you may end up losing money instead of investing it, so take great care and always seek for expert advice before making such purchases.

If, on the contrary, you only want a diamond for the engagement ring you are going to offer to your sweetheart, things aren’t that dramatic. You can safely choose a stone that has a faint shade of yellow, as long as it isn’t visible to the naked eye.

K colored diamond in the middle

After all, your girlfriend won’t be able to tell the difference anyway, so why spend a lot of money when you can obtain the same result at a fraction of the price? The untrained eye isn’t able to see these subtle color distinctions, so you are going to be on the safe side if you take care to choose a diamond with a beautiful brilliance and a good cut. There are many color grades that fall into the less expensive range, yet these diamonds appear absolutely colorless unless observed against a white background.

Most people want their diamonds to be completely clear and colorless. However you may be able to find stones that have some fancy colors without being less beautiful. It is possible that your fiancee loves more the colored stones, so you are going to do her a favor by choosing a diamond in the light range of color.

You can get an S or a T, provided the other characteristics are good. It’s more important to have less imperfections rather than picking a colorless stone with visible flaws. The color is a matter of personal preference after all, so you can choose from a rather wide array of options. This will enable you find a stone you can afford to purchase. This is actually the most important thing. If you don’t have enough money to buy a certain stone, you are doing your research for nothing.

Which color grade to choose for a rose gold metal?

Rose Gold Diamond RingLately rose gold ring settings are sold very often for engagement ring jewelry.

One of the most often asked questions is which is the best diamond color for rose gold. The reason why you wanna differentiate between the different ring metals is the fact that each ring metal is absorbed differently into the diamond.

For rose gold rings in general the H to J color range will be ideal! Any diamond color better than the H color grade will in most likelihood not give you the greatest value for your money!


How much are you willing to invest?

You should always start your quest from the amount of money you are willing to invest in your diamond. Once you have set the budget, you can go ahead and decide how big your diamond should be, so that you can see what kind of clarity and color grade you can afford. You can always adjust all characteristics until you reach the desired compromise. However, the first thing to do is assess your main goal. Why do you want to buy a diamond in the first place? Investments should be treated differently than an engagement ring or another type of jewelry you wish to offer your loved one.

Before even stepping into a diamond shop, you have to do your homework and learn about all color grades, as well as about the other 3Cs you need to take into consideration. Beside the diamond color the diamond cut is also of utmost importance! The following website will help you a lot when it comes to knowing more about the diamond cut: Your Diamond Teacher – Understanding the diamond cut. Please also don’t forget to follow the accounts on Twitter and the Facebook Page

Once you’ve managed to master all these concepts, you can go ahead and ask a jeweler or a diamonds expert to show you several stones that fall into various color grades and explain you the differences between them. When you are going to understand all these details, you’ll be ready to start your search for the perfect gemstone to invest in. If you want to make the best possible choice, have a skilled expert assess the diamond you intend to buy. This is the safest way to a gorgeous stone.

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring The Easy Way

Getting engaged is a big thing. You don’t want to risk a “no” for an answer, so you have to make sure you choose the perfect engagement ring to offer your sweetheart. You have to impress her, so that she doesn’t have time to think about the pros and cons of taking your relationship to the next level.

Diamond engagement ring with bling blingBesides, you want her to wear your ring with pleasure. This is why you have to make sure you choose one she’s absolutely going to love. However, when you are a guy who knows nothing about diamonds or other jewelry pieces, this can be quite a hard thing to do.

First of all, you should know that an engagement ring should be a solitaire. This means you should get a very simple ring with only one diamond in a bezel setting. Now that you know what type of ring you should look for, you can go ahead and determine which is the favorite diamond shape of your fiancée. There are multiple shapes. They refer rather to the geometry of the stone rather than its cut.

Getting into the diamond 4Cs

After the shape, there comes the cut. This refers to the angles of the facets in the diamond. The most popular cut is the round brilliant one, which has a brilliance and a symmetry very hard not to fall in love with. There are also other cuts such as the step cut and the Princess cut. You have to read about all these cuts and try to figure out which is the one your girl prefers. If you want to be creative and romantic, you can choose a heart cut. However, if you aren’t sure she’s going to love it, you should better stay on the safe side and choose one of the classic cuts such as radiant, Ascher, emerald, oval, cushion or marquise. The pear cut is also beautiful, but it fits better for earrings rather than engagement rings.

The size is also important, but it is limited by your purchasing power. The bigger the diamond, the more expensive the ring, so you are probably going to stay in the small range, even if your sweetheart prefers huge stones. If you really want to impress her, you may consider borrowing some money from friends in order to afford a bigger stone. However, this doesn’t make the point of this article, so let’s stick with the features of the perfect engagement ring from a theoretical point of view.

Carat sizes of diamonds

You may not know, but diamonds are characterized by a series of attributes known as the 4Cs. These attributes are cut, color, clarity and carat. You can inform yourself on the various options you have, but you should be aware that most people have no idea about assessing diamonds. If you love a girl outside the jewelry industry, you can safely choose the least expensive options in terms of clarity and color. The carat refers to the size of the stone, so this is going to be set rather by your budget than by other criteria.

The clarity is important, but you should know the extremely pure diamonds are very rare, hence very expensive. Stones in the middle of the clarity scale look similar to those very expensive ones when viewed with the naked eye. However, their price is going to be significantly lower.

The color is also important and again, the perfectly clear diamonds are very expensive. Nonetheless, you can find less expensive ones that look also perfect unless you view them against a perfectly white background.

Finding the perfect compromise

The main point of this research is to find a compromise between the various attributes of an engagement ring, so that you can get the best value for your money. As you can’t exceed your budget too much, you have to find a solution to get a good size stone with a nice brilliance and with beautiful facets, a stone your fiancée wouldn’t cease to admire. If you are careful to choose the cut she likes most, she’s going to be less prone to noticing other details.

Last but not least, you have to choose a high quality setting for your diamond. The metal framework can set the tone for the ring, so don’t overlook it.